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Mulberry Paper, Rice Paper Decoupage A4-30 GSM

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Pack of
  • ☑️【Rice Paper Decoupage】Beautiful Rice Paper that can be used as a base for your designs, decoupage or any other art, craft projects.
  • ☑️【Print Your Design】Print your designs on our rice paper with your inkjet or laser printer.
  • ☑️【Great for Art】Great for Art, Craft, Decoupage, Gift Wraps, Window Coverings
  • ☑️【Natural White】Naturally White Paper with Visible Fibers. Thing, Light, Texture Mulberry Paper
  • ☑️【Size & Weight】Size: 8.5 X 11. Weight: 26-30 GSM


Product Description:

The best paper to use in the decoupage technique. Perfect both for beginners and advanced users. Thin and light, semi-transparent, naturally white. It contains typical, clearly visible fibers of irregular gauge, arranged in all directions all over the paper surface, giving it an original look and structure. The paper is unusually strong and durable, it does not disintegrate in hands. It is easy to stick to any base used in decoupage (glass, wood, mdf, polystyrene foam, etc.), with any glue used for decoupage.